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Learn python with the most trending topics from basics in the easiest way.


A simple and easy-to-learn web technology with an interactive IDE.


The object-oriented programming language helps to build a backend for the Web and also for programming.

Web Development

Learn Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS, and JQuery with hands-on practice.


The most trending programming language that helps in Web, Android, and AR/VR technology.

C Programming

C programming is a king ⚜ of programming languages. Check here to learn C.

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The Tech Codes India is an open-source community to help you to learn in a better way. This learning curriculum really helps the students to explore more.

We help you to become an expert in the field.

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We give you a Practical Learning Experience

Throughout the course, we have assignments with a unique Integrated Development Environment for free, also you can access IDE’s in the learning portal.

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Tech codes India has a unique certification portal to verify your certificates and ensure your work. Our platform is secure and not so chetable so the content you learn will be helpful to your career.

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Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.


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What is Programming ?

A program is an approach of the human to a machine that works with binary techniques. The way to train the machine is known as an algorithm. The theoretical script approaches the machine is called programming. A programmer is a man who thinks logically. the coder is different from the programmer.

When I use Programming?

Programming is a language, whenever you talk to a human you need to use some Languages to communicate. Thus, the program is also an approach to the machine to understand something that we know.

Why do I prefer Tech Codes India ?

A Tech Codes India Is not a course renting or course selling platform, It is an initiative by a college student. This website not recurring any payments from the users. This is completely for students. We are trying to improve the content of the website every day. We wish all the students to learn to program because it helps a lot although you don’t have a job opportunity.

How do I program something ?

Yay!! , the question is good the answer to this question is a new initiative tech codes India, we are a group of students to give some kinds of stuff about programming. why because each language contain a various set of packages and features, but the algorithm and structure of the program don’t change.


Our unique courses comprise Quizzes, Assignments, and interactive IDE platforms to learn new things.

Short Courses

The courses explain about a single topic with Quizzes and short codes. help to explore a simple topic easily.

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